Special Education for Learning Disabilities in Mathematics

We provide special education tailored to address your child’s mathematics learning disabilities. Our expert Dyscalculia experts employ targeted strategies to help overcome challenges in mathematical comprehension, problem-solving, using money, and other calculation-elated skills. We aim to enhance numerical understanding, build confidence, and foster a positive attitude towards math learning in real-time.

Your Child is Struggling with Maths Because…

Learning disabilities in mathematics can impact children from preschool age up to 13 years old, as these developmental years often present challenges in understanding fundamental mathematical concepts, such as counting, recognizing shapes, and solving basic arithmetic problems.

Early intervention is important during this formative period, watching out for signs of learning disabilities and implementing appropriate special education activities to support children in overcoming Dyscalculia disorder.

Common Signs and Symptoms of Math Learning Disabilities


Difficulty pronouncing numbers

Trouble with basic math concepts

Fine motor skill challenges

Resisting basic instructions

Rhyming and sequencing issues

Difficulty connecting numbers and operations

Inability to blend sounds in math terms

Basic math concept challenges

Time and sequence confusion

Misspelling and errors in math tasks

Reading comprehension and math challenges

Open-ended test question struggles

Avoidance of reading aloud math material

Handwriting and math disorganization

Inconsistent spelling of math terms

Most Concerning Math Learning Disability Challenges

Children and adults with learning disabilities perceive, hear, and comprehend information differently, which can lead to difficulties in learning new information and applying it effectively.

We’ll HelpYour Child Together

Why Choose Us For Dyscalculia Therapy?

Advantage Therapy is dedicated to offering you a reliable platform to get help for your children struggling with math learning difficulties. We encourage you to choose us, because we collaborate closely with you to support your child with

Accurate Diagnosis

Precise assessments to identify type of math learning disability, ensuring an accurate understanding of individual challenges.

Personalized Plans

Tailored therapeutic activities perfectly designed to address specific math learning styles and needs for effective intervention of your child.

Holistic Interventions

Smart approaches that integrate comprehensive strategies, addressing cognitive, emotional, and behavioral aspects of dyscalculia.

Telehealth Support

All-time convenient and accessible, our online specialized sessions enhance flexibility for seamless support toward your Dyscalulic child.

Detailed Sessions

Fully focused, impactful special education sessions for math disabilities, each lasting for 1 hour, ensuring that your child gets enough help daily.

Follow Up Monitoring

Regular follow-up care after transitioning starts, ensuring sustained positive outcomes for children taking dyscalculia special education.


We Will Hold Your Child's Hand, Helping Him Overcome Math Learning Challenges

Unaddressed math learning disabilities lead to an instant decline in confidence, which in turn, causes persistent academic struggles, emotional stress, and strained relationships.

Don’t let your child suffer with long-term consequences of math Learning Disorders in terms of personal, educational, and career prospects. Take a proactive step now to seek our specialized support, ensuring a brighter and more challenge-free future for your child.

Specialized Sessions Delivered, Right at Schools and Daycare Centers

We’re thrilled to announce that our special education for maths learning disabilities, now available directly at schools and daycare centers within a convenient 20 km radius.

This innovative program brings targeted support to learning environments, ensuring that young minds receive personalized assistance where it matters most. Call us to get more information.

It’s important to note that having a learning disability is not indicative of a lack of intelligence or motivation, and individuals with these challenges are not lazy or unintelligent. In fact, most individuals with learning disabilities are just as intelligent as their peers; their brains simply process information differently.

Don't Be Confused

We have got you all covered, answering all your quick questions about our Math Learning Disability Therapy so that you take an informed decision.

Our special education goes beyond tutoring by offering holistic interventions tailored to every child's individual math learning styles. We focus on addressing the root causes of math learning disabilities, ensuring a comprehensive and personalized approach.
Absolutely, yes. Our flexible approach allows us to provide special education at-home or within the school and daycare environments. But we offer this accessibility and convenience within a 20 km radius.
We prioritize ongoing assessment and monitoring to track progress of our math learning disability special education activities. Regular evaluations, feedback sessions, and collaboration with educators and parents allow us to ensure the effectiveness of our program while making necessary adjustments for continued success.
Each session for Dyscalculia is structured to be over 60 minutes long, providing focused and impactful engagement to your child. Whereas the recommended frequency is determined based on individual needs, ensuring a balance between consistency and flexibility. Contact us for precise insights.
Our special education for learning disabilities in math is designed to be adaptable, offering both one-on-one sessions for personalized attention and group settings when beneficial for collaborative learning and peer support. Get consultation to learn more.