Special Education for Motor Skills Disorder

We understand that some children face learning challenges in motor skills. That’s why our tailored approach combines adapted physical education,  occupational therapy, dyspraxia treatment, and assistive technologies to boost their confidence and success. We leverage individualized plans, structured routines, and peer support, creating a supportive environment that addresses
challenges in planning and executing physical movements.

Motor Skills Disorder

Understand Your Child’s Struggles with Motor Coordination Disorder

Noticing your child’s movements is key to grasping their potential challenges with motor skills. If you observe clumsiness, precision struggles, or motor coordination disorder issues, your child may be facing (Verbal Dyspraxia) motor skills disorder.

We specialize in recognizing and addressing motor skill disorder, empowering your child and helping them build confidence to navigate their life easily.

Signs and Symptoms of Motor Skills Learning Disabilities

Clumsiness in activities like drawing or playing with small objects.

Difficulty with basic self-care tasks such as buttoning or tying shoelaces.

Challenges in coordination during play, noticeable in running or catching games.


Struggles with handwriting and fine motor tasks.

Difficulty in maintaining balance during ctivities like riding a bike or playing sports.

Coordination issues affecting participation in games and sports.


Continued challenges with handwriting and increased complexity in fine motor tasks.

Persistent difficulties in gross motor skills, affecting activities like running, jumping, or sports participation.

Motor Skills Disorder

Types of Motor Skills Learning Difficulties We Help With

We specialize in addressing a wide range of motor skills disorder, including Ideomotor and Oral Dyspraxia and related motor coordination disorder, supporting improved performance in daily activities.

Oral Dyspraxia
Ideational Dyspraxia
Ideomotor Dyspraxia
Orofacial Dyspraxia
Verbal Dyspraxia

Don't Be Confused, Take the First Step Forward For Your Child With Our Motor Skills Disorder

Why Get Our Help For Dyspraxia Special Education?

We stand out as the best choice for special education aimed at helping your children with motor skills disorders and provide best dyspraxia treatment. This is all because of our commitment to ensuring timely interventions and continued support for effective results.

Accurate Diagnosis

Error-free, quick identification of motor skills learning disabilities through our comprehensive assessments.

Personalized Plans

Tailored special education plans designed to address your child's unique motor skill learning challenges.

Holistic Interventions

The ultimate approach covering adapted physical education, OT strategies, and assistive technologies.

Telehealth Support

Easily accessible online sessions to gain expert guidance and support from the comfort of your home.

Detailed Session

In-depth sessions lasting more than 60 minutes focus on specific motor skills, ensuring faster improvement.

Follow-Up Monitoring

Ongoing motor skills assessment and tracking to measure progress and adapt interventions as needed.


Your Child Deserves a Skillful Life

Dyspraxia and other motor coordination disorder greatly impact your child’s daily life. From difficulties in speech and eating coordination to struggles with basic motor tasks, these challenges can hinder their overall development.

Rest assured that we thoroughly understand the importance of early intervention. Our dedicated special education specialists provide accurate diagnosis, personalized plans, and comprehensive support for your child’s unique learning needs.

Motor Skills Disorder

Seeking Help for Children Sessions At Schools and Daycare Centers

Let’s join hands to cultivate the potential within young minds. Our special education program, designed for Motor Skills Disorder, aims to shape a transformative learning experience within the esteemed environments of schools and daycare centers. We are committed to fostering essential motor skills with a focus on precision and advancement, helping children navigate life with ease.

Reach out to us for more information about collaboration.

Frequently Asked Questions

Find all the answers to your concerning queries here.

Our special education professionals conduct comprehensive assessments to pinpoint specific challenges that a child is facing. For instance, our initial observations can reveal a child's struggle with hand-eye coordination during activities like catching or throwing a ball. We arrange standardized tests to further identify areas that require attention, guiding us in creating individualized plans for improvement.
Yes. We recognize the diversity of motor skills challenges. Whether a child faces difficulties in handwriting, balance, or coordination, our special education is designed to be inclusive, providing personalized interventions to address each child's unique needs.
The duration varies based on a child's progress. For example, a child with fine motor challenges may see improvement within a few months of targeted interventions, while others with more complex needs may benefit from ongoing support throughout their educational journey. Contact us for more details.
We offer informational materials and detailed guidance to empower parents with knowledge to deal with motor skills disabilities in children. For example, parents can access our videos demonstrating simple activities to support their child's motor skills development at home, fostering a collaborative approach between home and school.