Special Education For Specific Learning Disorder

We offer special education for a wide range of learning difficulties disabilities, helping your children deal with dyslexia, dyscalculia, and dysgraphia, and other learning disorders. Our experts leverage personalized interventions, including educational and cognitive-behavioral techniques, providing early and targeted support for academic and emotional success. 

Specific Learning Disorder

Your Child Isn't Lazy or Unintelligent

Learning difficulties in children perceive information differently, facing difficulties in learning and applying it. So if your child is having trouble reading, writing, reasoning, listening, speaking, or even solving maths problems, then know that their mind works different than peers.

Seek professional help when there’s consistent and noticeable discrepancy in your child’s ability to master one or more skills.

Watch Out For Specific Learning Disorder Signs and Symptoms

  • Difficulty pronouncing, finding the right words, and rhyming 
  • Struggle learning the alphabets, numbers, colors, shapes
  • Challenges in following directions or daily routines
  • Difficulty using pencils, scissors, or coloring within the lines
  • Trouble with buttons, zippers, snaps, or shoe laces
  • Difficulty connecting letters with their corresponding sounds
  • Inability to blend sounds to form specific words right away
  • Confusion understanding basic words while reading
  • Slow acquisition of skills compared to other same age kids
  • Frequent misspellings and other writing errors
  • Struggle grasping and mastering basic math concepts
  • Difficulty telling time and remembering sequences
  • Challenges in reading comprehension or mathematical skills
  • Difficulty with open-ended test questions and word problems
  • Aversion to reading and writing, often avoiding reading aloud
  • Poor handwriting across all language or only one and more 
  • Disorganization in bedroom, homework, and desk
  • Difficulty in expressing thoughts, especially verbally 
  • Hesitation in following and taking part in classroom discussions 
  • Inconsistent spelling of the same word on same document
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Major Learning Disorders We Deal With

Children and adults with learning disabilities perceive, hear, and comprehend information differently, which can lead to difficulties in learning new information and applying it effectively.

Let’s Make Learning Easier For Your Child

Why Choose Us To Treat Your Child's Learning Disorder?

Here’s how we work together to provide occupational therapy for your child’s progress in a safe, engaging environment.

Proven Experience

Accredited learning support specialists with a track record of success in dealing with all learning disorders.

Precise Evaluations

Thorough understanding of your child's learning needs, grasping all of their strengths and weaknesses.

Smart Interventions

Effectively tailored interventions to properly address the root causes of learning disorders in real-time.

Holistic Approaches

Goes beyond academics, addressing the social and emotional aspects of learning disorders in your child.

Telehealth Support

Access to expert guidance and support from the comfort of your home through online therapeutic sessions.

60+ Minutes Session

1-hour long, focused sessions to accelerate your child's progress in overcoming all learning challenges.


Don’t Neglect Your Child’s Learning Struggles

Your child isn’t reaching their full academic potential, just because they’re having a hard time grasping and applying certain information or skills. Ignoring their struggles can hinder their potential. Acknowledge and address your child’s learning disabilities Austrailia, seeking tailored support to unlock their true potential.

Every effort you invest in understanding and aiding your child through learning challenges contributes to their success and overall well-being. Rest assured, we’re here with you every step of the way, ready to guide and support you through the process of learning difficulties in children.

Specific Learning Disorder

Specialized Sessions for Learning Disabilities, Right at Schools and Daycare Centers

Our team of Allied Health professionals extends their expertise to your educational and daycare environments, ensuring that children receive the support they need within a 20-kilometer radius of our clinic.
Contact us to explore comprehensive special education options, specifically tailored for learning disabilities at your school or childcare center.

Got Any Questions ?

Advantage Therapy specializes in addressing a diverse range of learning disabilities in children, including but not limited to dyslexia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia, and other difficulties affecting reading, writing, math, and various cognitive skills. Our expertise extends to motor skills challenges, language-related difficulties, auditory and visual processing disorders, as well as issues with comprehension, memory, and organization. If your child faces hurdles in any aspect of their cognitive development, our specialized sessions are designed to provide targeted support and intervention in Austrailia.

Parents are integral to our special education process for helping with specific learning disabilities. We encourage active involvement, collaboration, and open communication. Indeed, understanding the child's unique needs and implementing strategies at home also enhances the effectiveness of our learning disorder support, contributing to sustained progress.

Getting started is simpler than it looks. Contact us to discuss your concerns and schedule an initial evaluation for your child. Our specialists will conduct a thorough learning disability assessment, gaining a comprehensive understanding of your child’s strengths with respect to and challenges in  learning. All this to tailor a personalized special education plan, explaining what to do and how long will it take for your child to overcome specific learning disorder.

Absolutely. Our special education experts are experienced in addressing co-occurring conditions like ADHD and autism that may accompany learning difficulties australia. Our holistic, smart interventions are designed to be comprehensive, considering the unique needs of each child, so rest assured.

The fee for each session at Advantage Therapy is starting from $193.99. This fee covers the personalized and expert care provided by our skilled pediatric special education experts, ensuring a comprehensive and tailored approach to address your child’s unique learning needs.